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The Eleaf GTL coils come in three different ohm variants, so that every type of vaper can find one that will perfectly suit their individual vaping style. To further cater to different preferences, the GTL replacement coils are available in MTL and DTL variants. For beginner vapers, or ones that prefer less vapour and a draw that resembles how you would smoke a cigarette, the 1.2 ohm and 0.8 ohm coils recommended. Both of these variants will give less vapour, whilst still retaining lots of flavour.

The Eleaf GTL coils are available in three different varieties, all of which have been developed for use with the GTL pod tank and kits that use it - including the Eleaf T80 GTL kit. To cater to different preferences, the GTL replacement coils are available in both MTL (Mouth To Lung) and DTL (Direct To Lung) resistances.

Our Eleaf GTL coils come in the following resistance options:

  • Eleaf GTL 0.4 ohm coil - recommended wattage 20-30W
  • Eleaf GTL 0.8 ohm coil - recommended wattage 12-18W
  • Eleaf GTL 1.2 ohm coil - recommended wattage 7-13w

Coils below 1 ohm are also referred to as Sub-Ohm vaping coils, which supports the direct to lung vaping style. When using a Sub-Ohm device, it is recommended you take a big breath through your mouth, direct to your lungs and exhale straight away. Sub-Ohm devices are known for producing a large amount of vapour and thicker clouds.

Coils above 1 ohm are also referred to Above-ohm vaping coils. The most common coils within this range are usually 1.8 or 2.5, however there are more variations for experienced vapers who have very specific expectations. The tanks that house these coils are usually slightly smaller in size and are known to versatile, as they can be run on more low powered. When using a coil of 1 ohm or higher, even when using a very powerful device you may not get aspowerful of a hit as these coils can only handle smaller amounts of power.

These coils are compatible with: GTL Pod Tank, Pico COMPAQ and Glass Pen ranges.